Commercial Flow Cytometry Links

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This page lists WWW sites and contacts for commercial flow cytometry providers, and some vendors providing supplies and reagents. Not an exhaustive list! Note: Some links may not work. Commercial outfits seem to love to redesign their sites frequently or make them run only with Flash or JavaScript. Certain sites now also actively block direct page linking :-(
Advanced Cytometry Instrumentation Systems Amherst, NY [FlowCyte Cytometers]
Applied Cytometry Sheffield, UK Software: [VenturiOne] [STarStation]
Bangs Laboratories Fishers, IN [QuantumPlex beads] [Microspheres] [FCSC/Flow cytometry products]
Becton-Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems San Jose, CA [Instruments] [Reagents] [Software] [Source Book]
Biodesign International Saco, ME [Acquired by Meridian Life Science, Inc.]
BioLegend San Diego, CA [Reagents]
BioSure (formerly Riese Enterprises) Grass Valley, CA [Cytometry controls/standards] [Biosure Reagents] [Sheath buffer]
CALTAG Laboratories Burlingame, CA [Acquired by Invitrogen]
Clontech Palo Alto, CA [Reagents] [Fluorescent proteins]
CompuCyte Cambridge, MA [Laser Scanning/imaging Cytometers]
Beckman Coulter Miami, FL [Instruments] [Reagents] [Software]
Cytek Fremont, CA [Time Zero Module] [Time Window System] [Automated Microsampler] [20l Sheath tank] [Aerosol containment] [Sample Filters] [Tube Cooler] [Cytometer upgrades] [Refurbished instruments]
Cytometry Research LLC San Diego, CA [Flow Cytometry Services] [Protocols]
Cytonome Boston, MA [High speed optical sorting (Gigasort)] [Clinical grade high speed sorting] [Links/sites]
Multinational [Reagents]
De Novo Software
Los Angeles, CA [FCS Express] [Ormerod Flow Book] [Flow Book Wiki] [Clinical Wiki]
Duke Scientific Palo Alto, CA [Acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific]
eBioscience San Diego, CA [Protocols] [Antibodies] [Fluors] [eFluor dyes] [Human CD chart] [Mouse CD chart]
Evergreen Laser Corp Durham, CT [Laser Remanufacture]
Exalpha Boston, MA [Reagents] [CD4 beads]
FloCyte Associates Irvine, CA [Basic/Advanced flow training] [Flow/Microscopy recruitment] [In Living Color book]
Flow Cytometry Standards Corp San Juan, PR [Acquired by Bangs Labs]
Guava Technologies Hayward, CA [Acquired by Millipore]
Immunotech   [Acquired by Beckman Coulter]
Albuquerque, NM [HyperCyt]
Innovative Cell Technologies San Diego, CA [Accutase] [Accumax]
Jackson Immunoresearch West Grove, PA [Reagents] [DyLight fluors [Methods: Technical Info]
Laser Innovations Moorpark, CA [Lasers, Accessories, Laser Remanufacture]
Luminex Austin, TX [Instruments Microspheres, FlowMetrix]
Martek Biosciences Columbia, MD [Fluorescent Products]
Molecular Probes Eugene, OR [Acquired by Invitrogen] [Reagents] [Spectra] [Technical resources] [Tutorials]
NPE Systems Inc. Pembroke Pines, FL [Instruments: Quanta]
Omega Optical Brattleboro, VT [Optical products] [Flow Cytometry Filters] [Fluorescence Filters] [Spectrum Viewer]
Partec Multinational [Cytometers]
PharMingen San Diego, CA [Acquired by BD Biosciences]
Phoenix Flow Systems San Diego, CA Software] [Support] [MultiCycle software] [Apoptosis reagents and software]
Polysciences Warrington, PA [Reagents, Microspheres]
Q-Biogene Multinational [Acquired by MP Biomedicals] [Reagents]
R&D Systems Minneapolis, MN [Reagents]
Research Diagnostics Inc. Flanders, NJ [Acquired by Fitzgerald Industries] [Antibodies]
Seradyn Indianapolis, IN [Acquired by Thermo Scientific] [Microspheres] [Monoclonals]
Serotec Multinational [Reagents] [Protocols]
SoftFlow Minneapolis, MN; Pecs, Hungary Software: [FCS Filter] [FCAP Array]
Southern Biotech Birmingham, AL [Reagents]
Spherotech Libertyville, IL [Microspheres]
Tree Star San Carlos, CA [FlowJo/ProJo Software] [FlexiTrace Software]
Trillium Diagnostics Scarborough, ME [Hematology] [ Diagnostics] [Reagents]
Union Biometrica Somerville MA [Instruments] [Large particle sorting] [HTS]
Vector Laboratories Burlingame, CA [Reagents]
Verity Software House Topsham, ME [Windows & Mac Software] including: [Winlist] [Modfit] [GemStone] [Cytometry Courses]
Wiley Online Library Hoboken, NJ [Cytometry Journal] [Clinical Cytometry]

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